VCHILL Culture market

VCHILL is a brand for young people, and we have a strong passion for street culture. Street culture is closely intertwined with various sneakers, and VCHILL Culture Market serves as a channel to introduce new sneakers, apparel, and culture.VCHILL Culture Market offers a game called "Filp, Drop, Skip" to provide everyone with an enjoyable experience.

Flip, Drop, Skip

What is 'Filp, Drop, Skip'? It means selecting one out of three options: what attitude would you have in choosing a pair of sneakers when they are released?"

Filp:The term "flipping" refers to the action of buying a pair of sneakers and then reselling them at a higher price, it is referred to as "Filp"

Drop:Collectors purchase a pair of sneakers and decide to keep them in their collection without reselling or selling them.This signifies that they consider the sneakers as precious collectibles, not just shoes for wearing. It is referred to as "Drop". 

Skip: Collectors find a pair of shoes that do not meet their preferences or standards, they absolutely will not purchase those shoes, indicating their lack of interest or dissatisfaction with that particular is referred to as "Skip"

For example as for my favorites sneakers is Y-3 PureBOOST – 2014 I am 100% Drop it! so what is your choice Flip, Drop, or Skip?

Your choice :