Safe payment

VAPES CHILL: How to Safeguard Your Card Transactions?

We recommend using Mastercard and Visa, which offer the following security features:

Mastercard's Security Measures:

  1. Early Detection System to Combat Fraud

    • Mastercard's early detection system can identify risk levels earlier - 6-18 months before traditional systems. This gives banks more time to prevent and combat fraud.
    • The system can accurately assess an issuing bank's account risk level, allowing them to address issues proactively.
    • The system monitors all fraud activities across channels like ATMs, online shopping, and in-store payments.
  2. Secure Payment Transaction Process

    • Transaction verification (identity, card authorization) is completed in just 130ms on average.
    • An additional 2-day verification is required before the final payment is processed.
    • Most cards are now equipped with EMV chips, which generate a unique, short-lived number to prevent card cloning.

Visa's Security Measures:

Verified by Visa provides extra protection for online shoppers. It is a password-protected authentication system that verifies the cardholder's identity when making online Visa transactions.

Visa Secure, as a part of this standard, helps verify the identity of the person making the online transaction. Visa Secure aims to make online shopping safer by using 3DS2 technology to verify your identity and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions when you use your Visa card for online payments.

The common reasons for payment failure include:

  1. Issuing Bank and Transaction Location Mismatch

    • If the transaction location does not match the cardholder's country/region, the issuing bank may decline the transaction for security reasons.
  2. Shipping Address and Billing Address Discrepancy

    • If the shipping address does not match the credit card's billing address, the issuing bank may consider this a suspicious transaction.
  3. Recipient and Cardholder Are Not the Same Person

    • If the recipient is not the credit card holder, the issuing bank may also suspect a fraudulent transaction and decline it.

To ensure your future transactions are processed smoothly, we recommend that you:

  • Ensure the transaction location matches the cardholder's location
  • Ensure the shipping address matches the credit card's billing address
  • Ensure the recipient is the credit card holder