Loyalty program

Membership Benefits

  1. Point Accumulation:

    • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent.
    • Earn 100 bonus points for each successful referral.
    • Points can be used to redeem cash discounts or free items.
    • Follow our social media and earn 20 bonus points!
  2. Cash Discounts:

    • Accumulate points to receive cash discounts.
    • Every 20 points can be redeemed for $1 off.
  3. Free Items:

    • Accumulate points to exchange for free items.
    • For instance, 110 points can be exchanged for a product valued at $17.99, and 130 points for a product valued at $19.99.

How to Participate?

  1. Register for Membership: Create your VCHILL membership account on our website.
  2. Earn Points with Every Purchase: Points will automatically accumulate with each purchase.
  3. Redeem Rewards: When you've accumulated enough points, choose either a discount or free item at checkout.

Member Privileges

As a VCHILL member, you'll receive exclusive product recommendations, early access to promotions, and more exciting surprises!

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Step 2

Earn Points with Every Purchase

Step 3

Redeem Rewards

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