Vapes Chill VCHILL vape shop  Advantage

· Master the core supply chain in the e-cigarette and vaping industry, which makes us quickly meet the customers’ requirements, especially when raw materials are in short supply (such as chips, and battery cells), we are still able to send large orders or urgent orders to our clients in time.

· Located in the center of the e-cigarette industry allows us to quickly understand the latest trends in the industry, and also makes our team extremely sensitive to the market so that we can update products quickly and give customers guidance on their product directions.

· Heavy investment (20% of annual profit) in R&D and an experienced team with a professional background give Wanjiaxin a strong ability for independent development, most of the engineers have worked in well-known companies (such as SMMORE, and First Union), which ensures new projects can be carried out smoothly by their rich experience.

· Rich OEM/ODM experience and perfect quality management system. (Quality, Reliability & Compliance)