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We take premium material selection as the original intention of the design. The materials adopted must be healthy and environmentally friendly.

At Pingray, we only work with qualified and reliable suppliers. The supplier selection criteria we set range from industry certifications to quality of past work and industrial recognition.

Strong suppliers and perfect incoming material inspection are our biggest advantages to ensure order quality and delivery time.


Pingray provides innovative products with independent patents and product liability insurance, which protects innovation, and avoids any possible risks in terms of brands.

For vaporizers, a good risk management strategy would be to only buy vaporizers from a supplier that has independent patents and product liability insurance.

We have a complete program to complete the customer's customized needs and protection measures.

Our Products

Heavy metals-free production and strict on-site management that meets GMP requirements have been implemented to ensure product safety throughout the entire manufacturing process.

All Pingray devices undergo strict quality control checks, we have obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, and GMP certificates.

Produce in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding markets, such as TPD in Europe, FDA in the United States, and the corresponding requirements in the Middle East and African markets.