Florida ban disposable vape How to buy vapes products in FL?

Florida ban disposable vape products

Monday, April 29, 2024 Florida House of Representatives recently passed a significant bill that introduces new regulations for the electronic cigarette industry. The bill CS/CS/HB 1007 wants to stop kids from using disposable vape products that are appealing to them. The ban does not include open-system devices and e-liquids.

Ashley Moody is responsible for the Attorney General's Office. She will determine which disposable e-cigarette products are prohibited by the new law. She has the authority to decide which specific products will not be permitted. The decision will be made based on the guidelines outlined in the new law.

The initial version of HB 1007 aimed to ban the sale of unapproved e-cigarettes. This would have restricted the variety of products available for purchase. This would have limited the types of products people could buy.

The bill was changed significantly after discussions with a committee and receiving feedback from the public. The changes were made to address concerns raised by e-cigarette shop owners and industry supporters.



With the passage of this bill, it seems that consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase vapes. We suggest buying a lot of vape at once to prevent possible future limits on vape purchases.

The public's opinion

Different people have different opinions on the CS/CS/HB 1007 bill. This is because they have varying views and interests in the electronic cigarette industry and its regulations.

Supporters of the bill believe it aims to prevent children from using disposable vapes. They also think it will reduce the risks of underage smoking. Additionally, they believe it will support public health efforts and anti-smoking campaigns.

Quoting from a news report published on baynews9.com On February 21, 2024, Florida Senator Keith Perry introduces SB 1006 to protect children and shoppers from harmful products. The bill aims to prohibit the sale of fake e-cigarettes and ensure that the FDA approves them before they are sold.

But vape shop owners like Orlando oppose the legislation, worried about its possible effects. Orlando says passing the bill would close 10,000 small businesses and make 50,000 people in Florida lose their jobs. They think it will create a substantial economic disparity of $1.2 billion, negatively impacting shop owners and the economy. These worries show the ongoing argument about how the new law might impact the vaping industry and those involved.

In summary, the bill evokes diverse opinions among the public, reflecting varying viewpoints and considerations regarding youth protection, public health, and individual freedoms.

Orlando gave an interview to the reporters to express his views.


The VAPES CHILL's opinion

Orlando said the ban will cause economic losses and push people to buy vapes online, which may not be safe. As a retailer of disposable electronic cigarettes, VAPES CHILL does not support the government's approach. The government should strengthen its guiding role rather than directly restricting consumer choices through prohibitions.



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